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Oakleys Cheap Sale.This mostly comes through the sunglasses’ natural voice interaction, which can be heard over music playing in the background.Users can communicate with the glasses by asking a series of questions related to training — pace, power, heart rate, power and most other analytics you would be curious to know.To ask the question during your run it’s as simple as saying “OK Radar” to get the computer’s attention.A low stride rate makes running harder. Increasing stride rate puts less load on your legs, and helps you feel less tired.It’s all very helpful, although I must admit the microphone does not always respond to commands.Oakleys Cheap Sale.This is frustrating, especially when coupled with the fact you are running down a busy street repeating “OK Radar, OK Radar, OK Radar”, with each attempt to summon the coach met with more anger and profanities mumbled under your breath.I will admit to feeling like an absolute wanker one more than one occasion, when people stared at me while I spoke to my sunnies.It’s also mindful to remember that the glasses are always on, so if you get into your music while running and decide to sing along, you might active the coach.Having mostly used MapMyRun, I will admit the plethora of real-time analytics available from Radar’s voice command is impressive and helps keep you motivated.However, the product isn’t without its flaws.I found it hard to keep the headphone buds snug in my ear, with the product frequently slipping.Fake Oakley Outlet.

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