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Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.Despite all of that hardware, the new Jawbreakers don’t feel particularly cumbersome on your face and they still hit the scales at a surprisingly reasonable 34g – just a single gram heavier than the Radarlock XL but a noticeable 8g heavier than Smith Optics’ much simpler Pivlock Arena Max.That said, there’s no arguing with the quality of the optics, which is unquestionably superb. As intended, the field of view is expansive with almost none of the frame visible except when peering downward. There’s also no noticeable distortion and, despite the expansive coverage, fogging hasn’t been much of an issue given the venting around the edges – at least given our minimal riding time so far.Fake Oakleys Cheap.However, we do still wish that Oakley would revert back to the early days of its hydrophobic lens coating when it was applied to both sides. As it is currently, it works very well at sloughing off road spray and mud but since it’s only applied to the outer lens surface, it does nothing for sweat dripping off of your forehead (which in our experience, is a much bigger problem). Oakley does offer the coating as a standalone DIY kit but given Jawbreaker’s premium pricing, we’d certainly prefer that it come double-sided stock.Small complaints aside, Jawbreaker is undoubtedly distinctive – like it or not. We’ve only just started using our test sample so check back for a more complete review in the coming weeks.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.

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